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Headlines From Reno: April 22

Accused man forces jury to watch his sex tape

Jurors may have to see some stuff they might never be able to unsee if a defendant who’s acting as his own attorney gets his way.

The Reno mayoral candidate and business owner Gary ‘Sensei Rex’ Milton wants to introduce sex tapes and intimate photographs of himself and his wife as evidence in his criminal trial to try to prove that his marriage was real and not just undertaken for immigration purposes.

“You want to see these videos. She does everything. EVERYTHING.”

The trial of ‘Master Rex’ — which starts Thursday in federal court in Reno — has nothing to do with sex.

The Nevada-born former karate champion, is charged with marriage fraud and two counts of lying to immigration authorities.

“Is there a law against falling in love? I love Svetlana. The fifty thousand is just a dowry!… Kind of……Seriously bro, you gotta see these videos.”

The 34-year-old businessman is accused of operating a fraud system involving several Russian crime families. Prosecutors say the films prove nothing.

“It’s almost as if he wanted to get caught. He seemed well prepared and all too eager about presenting his evidence.”

Judge Acker has already ruled them as “valid evidence that we must watch.”

The trial starts this summer.



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